The cost of a Regulation 38 report credit is £450.00 + VAT. 

This allows you to create a single Regulation 38 Report.

Download the Regulation38 App

Included is the following functionality:

  • Access to the guided Regulation 38 report via the website, taking you through all of the required questions in order to meet requirements, without compromising on competency.
  • Additional access via our mobile app, which adds the ability to complete offline Regulation 38 reports on-site, where internet access may be a problem.
  • Syncronicity of data between your app and desktop reports, meaning you can start a report on-site, and finalise and add to it when you get back to your desktop PC.
  • Production of a full colour PDF report on submission of your report data.  This includes your own company branding, terms and conditions and disclaimer text.  
  • Production of a full colour Word document on submission of your report data.  This allows you to tailor the document to meet your own needs and requirements, giving you complete flexibility. 
  • Ability to upload relevant Fire Risk Assessments, Building Plans and other documents to supplement your Regulation 38 report within the 'Control Centre' on the Regulation 38 website.
  • Ability to add your amended reports to he 'Control Centre' so that everything is kept in one place, without losing the original documents.
  • Access to download your historic reports from the Control Centre.
  • Ability to set up a company account and add your team members as users.