Features of the Regulation 38 app


Easy to use

  • Simple and easy to read format that operates on both Android and iOS platforms so can be used in the field on tablets and smart phones.
  • The app takes the user through a series of questions that enables a detailed report to be generated upon completion.
  • Traffic light system shows the user their progress through the report questionnaire.
  • The user can move between questions should the information not be immediately available to them and allows the user to return to the partially completed question.
  • The app has been designed to enable photographic evidence to be inserted when being used in the field.
  • The report can be completed off line when in the field.

Web-based system or app

  • Web-based Control Centre, allowing report creation and completion included within the purchase price.
  • Additional information such as the buildings fire risk assessment, building plans and equipment/product technical data can all be uploaded on to the report from within the web-based Control Centre.
  • Company/organisation logos can be inserted in to the report via the web-based Control Centre.

Pay per report

  • The user can purchase a single report credit at a time.
  • Favourable credit rates available for multiple credit users i.e. 25 plus.

Developed by fire safety professionals

  • The app has been developed by fire safety professionals to meet current legislation.
  • The app is recognised by the fire authorities as a useful tool to enable the responsible person/s to meet their legal obligations.